Subjects in this gallery include the Barton Springs salamander, water quality, Sunfish, Great Blue Heron, bluegill, Rio Grande Perch, crappie in prismacolor, watercolor and collage

We B Fish Art Gallery 1

For a guided tour of the artwork, click on the first of the titles below. The work will appear in a second browser window. If you move this window to the side, you can continue to see the complete list of paintings while viewing the contents of Gallery 1.

Spirits of Barton Springs

Rio Grande Perch

Troubled Waters of Creation

Silent River

Heron at Lake Hamrick

With Respect for the River

Neptune Holds a Taut Line

Old Timer


A Closer Look

Sac A Lait

Bream Bed

Ausloser II

Rio Rock Perch

In Her Dreams

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