Some subjects in this tropical fish art gallery are coelacanth, flounder, puffer, balloonfish, porcupinefish, triggerfish, squid, and hogfish executed in prismacolor, watercolor, relief prints, and polaroid image transfer.

We B Fish Art Gallery 2

For a guided tour of the artwork, click on the first of the titles below. The work will appear in a second browser window. If you move this window to the side, you can continue to see the complete list of paintings while viewing the contents of Gallery 2.

Queen Triggerfish

Freedom's Breath

Freedom's Breath II

Only the Fish Leapt Over

Peacock Flounder

Coelacanth Relief

Filefish Fantasy

Caught In Time

Porcupine Fish II

Porcupine Fish I


Squid School

Everyone I Know Carries A Gun Except Mom


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